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Consider switching to solar energy, but don't know which panel to choose? Here is our guide to choosing the best solar panel system for your home.

Since energy bills will not fall anytime soon, the best solar panels are an excellent investment to provide sustainable electricity to your home now and in the decades to come. Unlike energy bills, the price of solar panels is falling, making residential solar more worth buying than ever before.

However, buy solar panels uk is different from buying other household appliances. You usually go through a professional solar installation company instead of buying off-the-shelf panels. However, it's worthwhile to find out in advance which panels best suit your roof, your needs, and your budget.

For example, the most efficient models are suitable for shady places and limited space, while other models are designed to withstand direct sunlight in heat waves-solar panels are not as enjoyable as you might think! The panel you choose will have a great impact on the efficiency and ecological certificate of your home, as well as on the price you pay.

What are the different types of solar panels?

The two main types of solar panels available are solar thermal systems and solar PV (photovoltaic) panels. Residential solar panels are usually PV-shaped, which look like a flat dark glass rectangle on people's roofs, usually a collection of 6 to 10 panels ("arrays").

A solar thermal system is a panel that looks like a row of tubes glued together. Sometimes you will see one or two of these panels next to the solar photovoltaic array on the larger roof. They are designed to generate heat from the sun, while solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity. In this article, we will discuss solar photovoltaic panels.

Can I buy solar panels off the shelf for DIY?

Not for a residential solar PV system. And since installing solar panels combines two of the riskiest trades going – roof work and electrics – DIY installation isn't worth the money it saves you. To meet legal requirements and qualify for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which reduces your bills if you produce more electricity than you use, your panels have to be fitted by an MCS-certified installer.

The DIY approach is only recommended if you want a mini solar panel to power your caravan or shed. Amazon has portable solar panels for well under £50 that provide all the renewable energy you need for a camping trip. But for residential PV panels, you'll want to get a quote from an installation company or three.

The specialist company will survey your roof, produce a tailored quote, and then install the panels and system safely for you – with all the required certifications.


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