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... you can call me Georgia 

I'm a Northamptonshire based wedding, lifestyle and business photographer who would love to meet up with you for a G&T!

Having grown up all over the world I love to bring, fun, colour, brightness and culture into every session I capture. My aim is to always capture the real you, so when you come to your session consider me your personal cheerleader and number one fan!

I'm always cheering you on x

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Getting to know me..

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I married young, gained 2 beautiful children, had one more and started my photography business all within the space of 3 years.

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The Why

The heart behind my business

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I want to photograph to really reach people in the most memorable or important moments in their lives. To help them see how special and unique they are, to capture the love for each other or the passion for their businesses.


Love is what drives my photography forward.

Since starting my business I’ve been able to help people own their story, and see who they really are.


Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and when we get a chance to see ourselves through someone else's eyes (or my lens!) it can really help us to see the beauty in ourselves, and live a more thankful life for what we do have.

Way back when...

Growing up

I'm not really 'from' anywhere, as a child I moved around a lot and spent a large amount of my childhood in Cambodia as well as living in Thailand and France! I am one of 7 children, several of whom are adopted from Cambodia which I absolutely love! Growing up in a multi-cultural family in different countries has helped develop my photography to what it is today. I love to represent richness and colour in a clean and bright way.

Capturing the richness of different cultures with my camera is a beautiful part of my job!

In my teen years I lived 5 minutes walk from the sea and I still adore visiting my parents home and going for long walks on the beach! I live for that salty sea air!


I am now happily married and settled with my family in Northamptonshire, England but if you'd like to fly me to Italy, Morroco (or any other country for that matter) to capture your wedding I'm there! 

Having said all this above, I adore British culture and photographing a special moment in the grounds of an English castle excites me just as much. (the only thing I don't like about England is the weather!) 

How about now?

My Daily Life

When I am not working you'll find me entertaining my 3 beautiful kids, baking or cleaning - I am a bit of a clean freak! My hubby often brings home fruit and veg from the allotment and so I do my part by helping clean and prep it ready for eating or freezing - sorry to say it but I am not an avid gardener!

I am also actively involved in my local Church where we are often doing something within the community - which I absolutely love getting involved with!

I once dreamed of being a professional actor and dancer and I love that I now have a job that I can be so creative in - and I get to work with so many different and amazing people!


I am passionate about documenting peoples stories with my camera and know that photographs are an amazing way to keep all those fleeting moments that are gone in a second! It is an honour and privilege to be able to take pictures of so many wonderful people.


I always seek to build friendships with those that I work with as I find that it makes people feel so much more comfortable when we feel like we're old friends!

I pride myself in providing the highest quality of service and I always do everything that I can to ensure my clients are more than satisfied.  

If you've made it this far, well done!

Your Choices:

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