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Booking your wedding planner - an interview with Mrs T Weddings

Updated: May 2, 2023

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with the lovely Constance Taylor of Mrs T Weddings recently for an interview. We talked all about what couples should think about before approaching a wedding planner, what the booking and planning process is like and much more, scroll to see what she said!

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How did you get into planning weddings?

I know it is cliché but I planned my own and then decided to take the plunge – I had previously planned my friends and families weddings as a bit of a hobby and I had always been involved in logistics, projects and events in my earlier career – which ranged from working in finance at Bank of America to running a start-up platform design-based business.

What do you love most about your job?

The clients and suppliers I work with. For me, it is so important to work with positive, kind and friendly people and the fabulous thing about the wedding industry is that it is full of these types of people.

Before I start working with a couple we always have a fairly extensive consultation where we really get to know one another to make sure from both sides that we are a good fit style and personality-wise, as it really is a very close relationship I build with my couples.

Do you have a particular style?

I love variety so whatever your style come to me and let’s make it happen – I love a challenge as much as I love tradition. I would hate to always do the same thing over and over again – each wedding I work on is unique and I make sure the style is a reflection of the couple I am working with.

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What's your favourite kind of wedding?

I just love to have fun and have a laugh. Don’t get me wrong when the moment is sentimental and romantic I will absolutely get goosebumps and probably shed a sneaky tear. However, what I love most is seeing my couples and their guests relaxed and having fun. What that looks like really depends on each couple.

What is sweet 15?

Sweet 15 came about when Boris announced that weddings could go ahead with 15 people (excluding suppliers). So, at this point I decided we should do something to help couples to get married and for wedding suppliers to keep working. With this in mind, I didn’t want to step away from the gorgeous luxury that I love to deliver to my couples. So I decided to launch Sweet 15. 15 person weddings for £15k – that £15k is including everything from dress, to catering, to the venue, to rings to photographer and all planned by me.

What should couples think about/have ready before approaching you?

All they need to know is that they want to get married… we can take it from there.

Should they already know what kind of wedding they want?

Not at all, we can be working through this, and I frequently do with my couples. I am very good at reading my couples to be able to match them to the right style to suit them. That being said if a couple knows exactly what they are after – fabulous! That only makes my life easier… I will be focused on executing the vision they have.

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How early should they book a wedding planner?

Ideally, the planner is the very first supplier you want to book if you want full wedding planning. We can then work together to figure out the theme of your wedding, and start the venue search.

If you are part of the way through planning, no problem we can pick up from whichever point you are up to, get me up to speed with your planning to date and I will look after things from then on. For some, this is still a couple of years before their wedding, for others it is in the final few months before their wedding.

There is also ‘On-The-Day’ coordination – this formally starts about 6 weeks out where I will make sure all your plans are in place and take control of the final lead up to your wedding including making sure everything runs smoothly on the day so you can relax and enjoy your wedding the way you should.

What is the booking and planning process like with you?

It always starts with a free, no-obligation consultation – preferably over zoom, so we can really get to know one another, I’ll be asking lots of questions about the couple and their hopes and dreams for their wedding. I will then outline how I work and show the cloud-based wedding planning software that we will be using to stay on top of planning their wedding (Aisle Planner). Once the couple has decided to proceed with me as their planner we will then (if restrictions allow) meet up and start working through everything in a lot more detail, and booking in venue visits, meetings with suppliers etc.

Any extra advice?

Always remember this is about you as a couple, not what everyone else thinks, suggests, wants – this is your wedding and you have every right to do it the way you want. Keep talking to one another and make sure you don’t get stressed – being engaged is one of the most temporary periods of your life, so make the most of it and hand all the pressure of wedding planning over to me - to quote Christina from Selling Sunset.. ‘Oh my gosh I’ve been so stressed, um well I mean someone’s been stressed, I haven’t been stressed, my wedding planner has been stressed with planning’

How can couples get in touch if they want to book you as their wedding planner?

Insta: @mrs_t_weddings

FB: Mrs T Weddings

Hopefully, you found this helpful! Don't hesitate to get in contact with Constance if you're interested in booking an amazing wedding planner and don't forget that if you're looking for a fun and relaxed wedding photographer to capture your day on camera then I'm your girl!

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We wish you happy planning!

Just pop me a message here if you're interested, and as always, I'm cheering you on!

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