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How to choose your Wedding Florist

Updated: May 2, 2023

I loved meeting up with the lovely Kirsty of The Flower Mill recently for an interview. We talked all about what couples should think about before approaching a florist, what the booking and designing process is like and much more, scroll to see what she said!

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What do couples need to think about before consulting with a wedding florist?

To get the most out of your wedding consultation its best to have a firm idea of colour scheme and style. Creating a mood board of colour swatches, styles and textures will help your florist narrow down the overall look you are aiming for. Your florist will be able to advise you on the seasonal flower and foliage availability to suit your wedding date. As much as your consultation is to get an accurate quote it is to also have guidance on what will look best for your big day!

Do couples need to have bridesmaids dresses and suits chosen before the first consultation?

It is ideal to have bridesmaids dresses and ties chosen if you are wanting an exact colour match with the flowers, or if you are happy with a similar colour match to suit an overall colour scheme just a colour guideline will work for example “blush pinks” “nude and cream".

Do couples need to have a venue and date booked?

It is key that couples have both their date and venue booked before a consultation with their wedding florist for several reasons. Firstly the date will determine seasonal availability not all flowers are available all year round and I always advise to work with what’s in season and blooming at its best! Secondly, its best to of had a full walk-around of the venue to know each area you would like to dress with flowers. It's best to choose a florist that works in your venue regularly as they can advise you on sized arrangements to suit the space!

Do couples need to make a mood board or Pinterest board before a consultation?

It's always a good idea for a couple to come to a consultation prepared with some visuals to make sure we are on the same page. Colour swatches and a collection of images to give an indication of colours, styles and shapes for the floral designs.

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How far in advance should you book a florist during your wedding planning timeline?

If you have a florist in mind its best to book asap, I personally get booked on average 18 months in advance and I only take two weddings per week. You can start booking your florist and décor suppliers as soon as you have a date, venue and colour scheme the rest falls in line.

How can couples get in touch if they want to book you as their wedding florist?

Hopefully, you found this helpful! Don't hesitate to get in contact with Kirsty if you're interested in booking an amazing wedding florist and don't forget that if you're looking for a fun and relaxed wedding photographer to capture your day on camera then I'm your girl!

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We wish you happy planning!

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