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Nikon D750 Review

Updated: May 2, 2023

So you're on the lookout for a new camera and you want to know how the Nikon D750 holds up. Well, look no further!

This isn't a review with long lists of specs and ratings or even a comparison review with other cameras, this is just an honest opinion of a wedding and lifestyle photographer explaining what she loves about this camera and demonstrating it's brilliance! By the end of this, you will have an understanding of how the camera performs in different settings and hopefully, you'll want to get one yourself, let me know in comments below if you decide you want to buy one.

That being said, what is a review without out some cold hard facts?

Here are the main specs for the Nikon D750:

Sensor: 24.3MP full-frame CMOS

Viewfinder: Optical pentaprism (approx 100% cover)

ISO range: 100–12,800 (exp. to ISO 50–51,200 equivalent)

Autofocus: 51 phase-detection points (15 cross-type); contrast detection in Live View and video modes

Max burst rate: 6.5fps at full resolution

Video: 1080p at 60fps, 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps

Screen: 3.2-inch, 1,229k-dot tilting TFT

Shutter speeds: 1/4,000 sec–30 sec plus Bulb and Time

Weight: 750g (body only)

Dimensions: 140 x 113 x 78mm

Memory: 2 x SD / SDHC / SDXC

(Info from

The Nikon D750 is a full-frame DSLR professional-quality camera. DSLR stands for a digital single-lens reflex which is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.

In Nikon's own words:

The newly designed FX-format sensor delivers exceptional image quality with cleaner results than ever before at high ISOs. Phenomenally sensitive AF performance, a burst rate of up to 6.5 fps, and Full HD movie recording at 1080/60p combine with the tiltable monitor to enable full freedom of expression. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple to share your impressive photos in an instant.

And I completely agree! Usually, you can take this sort of wording with a pinch of salt as they are clearly trying to show off and sell their own product, however, the Nikon D750 takes incredibly clean, crisp shots with beautiful depth and colour! I'll touch on a few more of the points in a bit more detail below.

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What I Love

With my reviews I like to let you know what I love most about the product, and I also want to give you some helpful and practical information without getting so technical that you switch off, so here we go...

First things first, why should you choose the Nikon D750? Well because for the price of this camera and the quality it delivers, it is second to none! It is far cheaper than its competitors, and yet the chasm in price is not reflected in the difference of quality between it and its competitors. It ticks every box needed to be a highly usable and highly desirable camera, and it is simply perfect for shooting a wedding, portraits and products. Read on for a more specific breakdown.


Unlike previous Nikon camera bodies of this calibre, the D750 has a surprisingly small and lightweight body. This means that it fits nicely into one hand (always attached to my harness I might add!) and you can access all the buttons really easily. As a wedding photographer, this is so helpful as I am carrying my camera all day, sometimes for 12+ hours. Now don't get me wrong, even though this doesn't look as solid as maybe the D3S or D850 it's a very robust, magnesium alloy body, that feels very light. The water/weatherproofing on it is also second to none!

The 'Flagship' sensor

When they released the D750 back in 2014 Nikon heavily boasted about its all-new FX-format sensor which produces 'exceptional' image quality. The colours are beautiful and skin tones are very pleasing, which as a portrait photographer that's something I'm always looking for: lovely, natural skin tones! This new sensor deals incredibly well in low light conditions meaning you can crank the ISO right up and still get a crisp picture. Many DSLR's at even higher levels (and price points!) than the D750 will have a lot of noise within the final picture if you're needing to boost the ISO up too high. The vast ISO range and crispness of the final result on this camera is perfect for the classic dark church buildings that we often have wedding ceremonies in here in England. I have no worries about whether I'm going to capture a crisp photograph in those low light conditions.

Settings Memory

This Nikon body has total recall memory bank settings, meaning it will remember your last settings and you can use the dial to 'programme' and save your preferred settings, allowing me to switch from shooting fast-moving subjects in the bright sun to slow dancing subjects in low light by simply turning the dial.

Dual SD Card Slots

One of the big selling points on the Nikon D750 for me was that it has dual SD card slots. Meaning you can have 2 SD cards in the camera at one time, the first one being the main storage, and the second being a backup of exactly the same photos. This is invaluable for me, especially when it comes to weddings because it just provides that extra safety net for me to make sure I never misplace, lose or corrupt (corrupted memory cards is a real thing) those once in a lifetime moments! It's just an extra insurance policy which I can't do without! Also, SD cards are by far the most affordable form of memory card! Bonus!

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Auto Focus

""Sensitive down to -3 EV and boasting Nikon’s Group Area AF mode, the D750 locks onto your target with incredible precision even in dark situations." Nikon

The autofocus in low light situations is incredible! Really. I have used it in a dark room, focusing on objects in conditions that would stop every other camera I've tested. Time after time, the D750 exceeds my expectations.

Resolution example

The resolution at 24.4 megapixels is beautiful, allowing you to blow up big prints without losing the quality at all. Check out the examples below - I've used photographs I've taken recently for some small businesses. And if you like the look of the products in these images go ahead and check out the companies! The first image is featuring some very tasty hand-roasted coffee from Yorkshire based company HUD Coffee Co. And the second some beautifully unique handmade leather goods from LR Handmade.

BEFORE - Full-sized Image

AFTER - Zoomed right in with out losing detail!

Here's another example:

Dynamic Range Example

The dynamic range on this camera is incredible. It has 14.5 Evs meaning you can expose the shadows and highlights really well, The degree in which a RAW image is editable (flexible) has an amazing effect on the post-production abilities. The higher the dynamic range in an image, the more you can do. This is why higher dynamic range at higher ISOs is so important, you maintain the ability to manipulate the image to your liking. See some examples below of images taken in incredibly low light situations where the photograph hasn't been properly exposed, and yet I can still bring out all the detail in post-production. I would never purposely expose a photo like this, however, it does just demonstrate incredibly well how deep the dynamic range really is!

BEFORE - Straight out of the camera

Nikon D750 Lens: 50mm 1.8 ISO 200

AFTER - Edited in Adobe Lightroom,

just using exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights.


One brilliant and incredibly useful feature is the built-in Wifi! Now, this isn't just a gimmicky feature, it's actually incredibly useful in many situations. All you need to have is a smartphone or tablet to download an app which connects to the camera's built-in wifi. This means you can view photographs you've taken on that external device or you can actually use it as a trigger and even accurately focus the photograph by tapping your focus on your devices screen. I find this so helpful for when I'm taking photographs from high up on a tripod and want to have the live view without climbing up to see it, or even for taking self-portraits. It's also really helpful for events where I'm photographing from a stationary point and clients might want to view the RAW unedited photo straight after it's been taken.

Some might say that the only downside to the Nikon D750 is the resolution, but being a portrait photographer 24 megapixels is more than ample! It's high enough resolution to have a huge canvas on a wall in someone's house which is as big as you'll ever need for wedding and lifestyle photography, I'm not looking to print my photographs on the side of a skyscraper, and neither will any of my clients! In my opinion, it's not worth paying the extra £1000+ to purchase a 'higher level' camera when all you're gaining is the extra megapixels.

The Nikon D750 is everything I need packed into the lightest and slimmest Nikon full-frame body ever made, along with the addition of an LCD screen that flips out when I need it to.

This is an amazing Nikon camera with pro-level image quality without massive file sizes that kill your workflow and also at a reasonable price point! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to upgrade from their entry-level DSLR or looking to find an all-round great quality professional camera!

If you're a beginner or enjoy photography as a hobby and just want to get started with an entry-level DSLR check out my review of the Nikon D3300 on Youtube below:

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Always Cheering you on!


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