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Winter Wedding Inspiration

The season you choose to set your wedding in is a huge deal for many couples – not only does it help maximise the beauty of your day, it can also make or break your memories of this special event.

Whilst many couples opt to get married in the warmer, more stable months in the hope of (understandably) better weather, there are actually many hidden benefits to a Winter wedding!

In this article, we’ll discuss the beauty behind a Winter wedding, and some tips and tricks on how to make sure yours is absolutely spectacular!

Why Winter Weddings Are the Best – Advantages Galore!

Whilst a Winter wedding may not be everyone’s first pick when it comes to choosing a season for their nuptials, it certainly should be given more praise! Here are the top five reasons why you should consider a Winter wedding:

1. Less Stress

  • With the majority of couples choosing to book in for the warmer months, you’ll have the pick of the litter with your vendor choices: as well as the increased likelihood of invitees being free to attend!

2. Less Humidity

  • Compared to the Summer or Spring, humidity will be decreased in the Winter months – meaning less damage to the bride’s hair and make-up, and overall comfort for you and your guests, which is definitely a plus!

3. Less Costs

  • Less demand means lower costs – which is good to hear! Winter weddings aren’t as sort after, meaning that prices of accommodation, travel and venues aren’t as costly, meaning that you can save on your budget.

4. Beautiful Photo Opportunities

  • Whilst many people shudder at the idea of standing in the snow for photos in the formal attire, a frosty/snowy backdrop can actually provide you with uniquely STUNNING snapshots of your beautiful day!

5. Memorable Uniqueness

  • There’s just something special about the festive season: and this is something that a Winter wedding will extend to your guests! They will certainly remember your special day for years to come!

What’s The Ideal Attire? – Wrap Up Warm!

Shawls, furs and chic coats are certainly some ways to stay warm, whilst looking superbly stylish – as one deserves to on their special day!

A crisp, ivory white wedding dress paired with burgundy or emerald green bridesmaid dresses is an absolutely stunning colour palette that will look beautiful in your photos: they do say that Winter is the best time to have a Black Tie affair!

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Venue Choice – Tis the Season!

Whilst it’s important to consider the aesthetics of your venue at this time of the year, you have to make sure that it will keep your guests warm and comfortable!

A breezy, rustic barn may be perfect for a Spring wedding, but in Winter, a cozy ski lodge or picturesque hall and gardens are big hits for this time of the year!

Make sure to choose something that offers you the best of both worlds: a beautifully decorated, warm indoor space and snow-sprinkled gardens for photo ops!

And if you're struggling with Choosing your Wedding Venue then I am sure you will find my interview of a Flore House useful.

Tablescapes – Wooden, Greenery and All Things Merry!

Fortunately, at this time of the year, many venues have already partly decorated for the season – BONUS!

However, to really seal the deal for that stunning, seasonal look, you’ll want to add your own special touches: birch logs, firs and wreaths and tables laden with berries and pinecones are a simple (and eco-friendly!) way to elevate your tablescapes.

Check out our Socials to see more of the beautiful details that we can capture on your wedding day!

What’s Cooking, Good Looking? Seasonal Smores and Classical Twists!

One of the best things to incorporate into your Winter wedding, are some seasonal staples!

Hot chocolate, melted smores over an open fire, and roast vegetables are great additions to include in your menu – alongside some seasonal, spiced drinks for the evenings celebrations.

Don’t be afraid to include the classic, Christmas dishes in your wedding – often the simplest recipes, made with a twist, are the most memorable!

Five Fabulous Festive Favours!

There’s nothing wrong with the classics!

1. Engraved, wood-burned snowflake decorations can be a beautifully, simplistic way to give your guests a lasting memory of your special day.

2. A set of cosy, tartan-patterned hand warmers: perfect for a cold Winter’s day!

3. Winter-themed, flavoured hot chocolate packets – even better if they come with marshmallows on the side!

4. A soft, comfy blanket: something that is practical, for use on both your wedding day and beyond.

5. Wooden log candles; a favour with a seasonal touch, that can be used to brighten up those dark Winter days!

Wedding Invitations – Shimmering, Sparkling and Special!

There are several staples for a Winter wedding invitation:

  • Seasonal Colours = Burgundy and crimson, mixed with forest green and emerald.

  • Shimmering Metals = Silver, golds and bronzes are not only perfect for a spectacular Winter wedding, but also for a New Year’s one too!

  • Icy Cool Palette = Pale blues and whites are staple colours of the season, and are often underused when it comes to a Winter wedding theme – make sure you stand out in the crowd.

Simplicity in the invitations’ design is best: especially when you’re choosing to use the beautifully rich colours of the season, as it can often overshadow your meaningful words!

A lovely finishing touch for invitation cards are fir branches and coloured wax seals – a simplistic, yet festive, way to elevate the design and provide a little cheer in those dark Winter days.


Winter weddings are highly underrated: they can provide a stunning backdrop for beautiful portraits, be a uniquely memorable day for the couple and attendees and help you save some well-earned money!

We hope this post has shown you just how striking Winter weddings can be – and has inspired you to create your own Winter wedding mood board!

If you’d like to book us to photograph your Winter wedding or chat about the options available, feel free to reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!

Make sure to like this blog and share it with anyone you think will benefit from it! For more planning tips, tricks and advice... why don't you check out some of our other Wedding Planning blogs now that you've finished here?

We’d love it if you could share any questions, comments and thoughts in the section below, or contact us via Social Media to discuss more!

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