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Benefits of Using Post Templates for Instagram

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Do you want to make your Instagram feed more cohesive and have a more streamlined way to come up with your content?

Then Canva post templates are for you!

Many businesses use Instagram as a way to share insights into their working day and mission: posting adverts, useful tips and local business connections among many other things.

In this blog, we’re going to show you the benefits of using post templates for your Instagram posts – and how this can help you keep on top of your posting schedule!

What Are Post Templates?

Post templates are pre-designed post and story designs that businesses can download, edit and customise to fit their own branding style and needs.

They are especially useful for small businesses that lack the time, resources, or ability, to create their own designs.

There are many websites out there, such as Canva, which allow you to create your own designs – giving you complete creative control over the look and style of your templates.

Here are some examples of (common) templates that can be used:

  • Panel Template (e.g. speakers, date and time, location).

  • Quote Template.

  • Sales and Offer Announcements/ Adverts.

  • Relevant Tips Template.

  • ‘We’re Hiring’ Template.

  • New Product Template.

  • Review Template.

As part of our Stock Photography subscription we offer professionally designed, unique post (and story!) templates for Instagram. You can check them out on our website as part of the membership, or purchase them individually - depending on your business needs! And you can grab a free 28 day trial on the membership plans to see how you get on with them before committing long term! So go ahead and check us out!

How Do I Create Post Templates?

There are many websites and businesses out there that allow you to download and edit pre-existing designs, or create your own template designs from scratch.

Here, we will discuss these two methods – so that you can choose which your preferred method is!

The first method is downloading and editing created designs from websites or creators:

  1. Download Instagram post templates.

  2. Choose your post format.

  3. Choose an image.

  4. Add design elements.

  5. Save the photo.

  6. Upload to Instagram.

The second method is to create your own template designs from scratch (here, we will use Canva as an example website):

  1. Search for ‘Instagram post templates’.

  2. Start with a blank post template (1080 x 1080).

  3. Choose two contrasting colours (from your logo/ brand is best).

  4. Create a batch of new posts with alternating background colours.

  5. Select two fonts that match/ are the same as your brand.

  6. Add stickers and other design elements (look at other designs for inspiration).

  7. Upload photos and text (e.g. products, headshot etc.).

  8. Download your posts (PNG format is best).

There are benefits and drawbacks to both of these methods: using pre-made templates saves you time and stress – however, they may not be exactly what you want, so starting from scratch allows you to create a template that is ‘uniquely you’.

That being said, not everyone knows where to even begin when it comes to creating post templates of their own - coming up with quirky ideas and creating cool captivating images isn't in everyones remit. So it really is a personal choice.

Pre made templates do allow you to run in cycles before changing to something different without having to go back to the drawing board - for example you may want to mix it up during the different seasons or during specific times of the year like Christmas.

Whichever method you use, ensure that it is sustainable and suitable for your business; make sure to follow similar creators in your field to gain inspiration for your own style ideas!

If you're not sure how stock photography (and post templates) would benefit your business, then check out our post explaining the importance and benefits of using them for your business!

Quick, Easy and Customisable

Instagram templates are readily available nowadays and there are many businesses out there that are solely set up for, or create branding templates as a side venture.

As a result, they are experienced in creating beautiful, effective and easily-customisable templates for creators to use to elevate their own business – even if you are not a graphic designer, these templates are simple to use and edit in your own way!

In using Instagram post templates, you don’t have to worry about slaving over designing software, or creating faulty and ineffective templates as a result.

You will save yourself precious time and unnecessary stress by doing so!

Consistent Branding

The key in posting for a business on Social Media is consistency: whether that be branding colours, font type or layouts… it is vital that you maintain this, as it will improve your online presence and brand recognition.

Templates allow you to change many features of the post, including: text, images and design elements – meaning you can edit the text to create new posts, whilst maintaining the same consistent design.

In addition, when you have multiple people creating content, using templates helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the branding guidelines – thus making sure your page has a cohesive aesthetic that fits with your brand.

Remember, consistency is key to creating a successful brand!

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Established Brand Awareness

Instagram templates allow you to share relatable and shareable content, of which is eye-catching, on-brand and engaging for your niche.

The more visible, cohesive and styled your aesthetic is, the more likely you are to reach your desired audience: applying to their preferences and desired look means that you will build a loyal, like-minded community.

Templates allow you to easily achieve and maintain this: you can have a consistent style, of which can be easily changed and edited if your audience’s (or your own!) preferences change.

As a result, you can create a beautifully styled page that can be quickly and easily changed to maintain your audience’s engagement levels!

Still not sure if a templates are right for you? Well... we offer a 28-day free trial on our monthly subscription so you can see how these post templates and more will benefit your business!

We also offer an affiliate programme where you can earn some much deserved passive income.


Post templates are an amazing tool: they help you maintain consistency, build a cohesively-styled presence, and attract a loyal community of like-minded people.

You can go it alone and design your own or you can save time and effort by using templates designed by others. Either way, these simple yet effective templates are a must have for every business posting on sites such as Insta to maximise productivity and brand awareness.

Make sure to like this blog and share it with anyone you think will benefit from it!

Feel free to share any questions, comments and thoughts in the section below, or contact us via Social Media to discuss more!

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